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Links to other websites:

There are some links to other websites in our site. We would therefore advise you explicitly that Schmersal can take no responsibility for the data protection strategies or contents of these other websites.

Data protection of your personal data:

We do not collect any personal data without your agreement. You alone decide whether you want to give us your data or not in connection with an order for material. The data will be used to process your enquiry. It may be necessary to store your personal data in connection with maintenance of customer relations.

Declaration of exclusions:

Mistakes and technical changes of the online documentation may be reserved. A claim to damages or any warranty is excluded in case of damages - based on faulty information and/or wrong statements.

Concept and realisation

mfkom - visual media


1 General

Your personal information (e.g. title, name, address, e-mail address, phone number etc.) will be processed by us in accordance with the provisions of the German Teleservices Act. The following provisions will inform you about the type, the scope and the objective of the recording, the processing and the use of personal data. This data protection policy only applies to our web pages. If you are forwarded from our pages to other pages through links, please contact the publisher concerned for more information about the applicable privacy policy.

2 Automatic data acquisition

For technical reasons, the following data, which are transmitted to us by your internet browser, are recorded:

These anonymous data will be saved separately from the personal information that you possibly have submitted and will not enable tracking you back. These data will be exclusively used for statistic evaluation purposes, so that we can optimise our internet service and our offers, and will be deleted after evaluation.

3 Inventory data

(1) Your personal information, for as far as they are required for the argumentation, the content layout or the modification of the contractual relationship (inventory data) are exclusively used for the contract handling. For instance, if goods need to be delivered to you, your name and your address must be communicated to the supplier of the goods. Your personal information will not be publicly disclosed nor transferred to any third parties without your prior consent or without legal base.
(2) Personal data will not be transferred to government bodies or public authorities except in order to comply with mandatory national legislation or if the transfer of such data should be necessary in order to take legal actions, to enable the national police forces avoiding danger, to meet the legal requirements of the internal intelligence authorities of the federations and the countries, of the Federal Intelligence Agency or the Military Intelligence or to enforce the intellectual property rights. Personal data will not be transferred to third parties for any other purpose.

4 Information about cookies

(1) The web pages use so-called cookies to detect multiple use of a service by the same user. Cookies are small text files, which are sent to your computer and stored by the internet browser. The cookies do not damage the computer and do not contain viruses. If you visit our page again, these cookies transmit the required information, so that you are automatically recognized. This recognition occurs on the basis of your IP address, which is stored in the cookies. They enable us optimizing our offers and facilitate your access to our web pages.
(2) You can however prevent the storage of cookies onto your hard disc by choosing the option "Do not accept cookies" in your browser settings. This however will not reduce the function of our services.

5 Right to information

You have a legal right to inspect any stored data concerning your person or your pseudonym. If desired, this information can be transmitted electronically. If you wish to obtain information on your personal data, please contact: