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Under this motto, Schmersal offers its customers in the United States and Canada the largest range of safety switching appliances and systems worldwide - for the protection of human life and machines.

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This year we celebrate a special anniversary. From its humble beginnings 70 years ago, Schmersal has grown into a global supplier thanks to its inventive spirit, entrepreneurial drive, and team of dedicated employees. Schmersal's transformation into a world market leader is a fascinating story: it's time to look back into the past and also forward into the future of our company.  more
Technical articles
This paper looks at the growing trend of designing safety systems to meet the efficiency requirements of other machine control systems. It provides several examples of systems currently being used such as electronic switches and AS-Interface.  more
The RSS16 incorporates the RFID based safety sensor in a body type which matches our popular AZ16 electro-mechanical keyed interlock switch and BNS16 coded magnet sensor.  more
The PS116 is an extremely versatile yet compact and robust limit switch for determining the position of movable machine components or machine guards that can be moved laterally or rotated.  more
Tuesday, 12/1/2015

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A condensed overview of the various Safety product lines available from Schmersal. The overview shows examples from each of our product families, and provides selection guides that provide basic information on the switches.  more