More than just a solenoid interlock: AZM300
The AZM300 is not a typical solenoid latching keyed interlock. It was designed with a RFID based electronic safety sensor, an IP69K rating for hygienic applications, and other distinct features.

The AZM300 is a combination of Solenoid latching keyed interlock and RFID Safety Sensor.

One look at the AZM300 and one cannot help but notice the distinctive external Maltese Cross shaped cam. This unique design allows the AZM300 to accept the actuator from any of three sides, providing mounting flexibility for either left- or right-hinged doors, or sliding guards. The solenoid locking force of 1,000 N keeps the guard door securely locked until dangerous conditions, which may exist even after removal of power, have abated.

The AZM300 also has integrated a radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor to detect the actuator and indicate a closed guard. This non-contact operating principle limits wear on components, tolerates misalignment, and offers the option of individual coding: The basic version of the sensor responds to any AZM300 target actuator; The I1 version only accepts the coded ID number of the specific target actuator which is taught in during the first start-up; The I2 version allows the teach-in process to be repeated, allowing replacement of a lost or damaged actuator.

The AZM300 features all of the diagnostic advantages of our electonic sensors. With continuous internal function tests and monitoring of the safety outputs, the AZM300 can be wired in series without detriment to the safety levels. Diagnostic LEDs on the sensor indicate various errors, misalignment and door open/closed signaling. For more advanced indication the AZM300 is also available with serial diagnostics.

The AZM300 housing is made of ECOLAB approved materials and is sealed to IP69K standards a viable solution for use in hygienic or outdoor environments where high temperature and high pressure wash downs are typical.

The AZM300 also offers adjustable latching which provides a holding force of 5 or 11 lbs. The AZM300 actuator includes a dampener pad so that the switch can be used as a door stop for small to medium sized guard doors. Lockout/Tagout can be achieved by placing padlocks through the key of the actuator, preventing the guard to close.

Power to unlock models are available with an optional Emergency release, which provides a manual by-pass of the solenoid lock regardless of power status. The red release handle can be attached to either side of the unit, allowing the AZM330 to retain its mounting flexibility. The N type Emergency release version is for mounting outside the hazardous area. The T type Emergency Exit meets the requirements of ANSI/RIA R15.06 standard for emergency exit from inside the guarded hazardous area.

The AZM300 series are cULus and CE approved to meet stringent North American and European Standards, and can be used in the highest level of machine safety circuits, PLe to ISO13849-1 and SIL 3 to IEC61508. They are Type 4 interlocks per ISO 14119, with a high coding level with the individual coding option (I1 or I2).

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