New Safety Light Barriers
Schmersal introduces new single beam optoelectronic devices.

The SLB240 and SLB440 series are single beam, infrared safety light barriers. They have compact, durable housings, visible diagnostic signals, and 4 stage coding. They can be used for various applications in processing centers for assembly or handling systems, as well as in the timber, paper and print industry, high shelf warehouses, or packaging machines.

Type 2 optoelectronic device
Compact 28 mm x 32 mm rectangular housing profile
M12 quick connector or prewired with 2 meter cable with M12 connector
Suitable for PLc (EN 13849) or SIL1 (IEC 61508) applications.

Type 4 optoelectronic device
Compact 28 mm x 32 mm rectangular housing profile
Suited for use in safety circuits up to PLe (EN 13849) or SIL3 (IEC 61508)
M12 quick connector or prewired with 2 meter cable with M12 connector
Optional heater element for use in outdoor applications, to -30C

The housings of these safety light barriers are single piece extruded aluminum that does not rely on the lens for structural support. They are IP67 rated for use in dusty or wet environments. All models incorporate an LED endcap as a visual configuration aid which simplifies commissioning considerably. Parameterization takes place without the assistance of a computer; all that is needed is a command device (button). The modes of operation available are setup, automatic start or restart interlock, and also diagnosis. These safety light barriers also have an integrated, visible LED alignment tool.

These safety light barriers offer 4-stage coding. This means that up to 4 sensor pairs can be used in an application in one direction without reciprocal influence. They can be ordered preset to a specific coding, or configured in field.

These single beam optoelectronic devices feature integrated evaluation electronics in accordance with the latest IEC 61496-1 and IEC 61496-2 standards for safety devices that function without contact. They were designed without the need for external safety evaluation and can be integrated directly in safety circuits.

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