Emergency Cable Pull Switches
There are many machines and plants where an emergency stop command must be available over a great span of distance. Schmersal’s ZQ700 and ZQ900 Emergency Cable Pull Switches can provide that E-Stop protection.

On smaller machinery and in confined areas, the compact model ZQ 700 can be used. It can provide E-Stop protection for up to 10 meters (32 feet) and is available with 2 contacts (1NO/1NC or 2NC).

Our more robust version is the ZQ 900. Using one spring force it provides E-stop protection for a cable span up to 50 meters (165 feet). For circuit flexibility it is available with either 2 contacts (1NO/1NC or 2NC) or 4 contacts (2NO/2NC, 1NO/3NC, or 4NC). This version includes a position indicator window for ease of installation, and since it has 3 conduit openings it can be fitted with an indicator light. It is also available with an optional e-stop button integrated on the switch housing.

Both Emergency Cable Pull switches have an integrated reset button because a latching mechanism maintains the emergency stop position when the cable is pulled and the switch is actuated. The switches will also fail-safe - the cable being cut or going slack will also result in actuation and machine stoppage.

These switches feature corrosion resistant housings that re dust- and water-tight (IP67 Rated), suitable for harsh environments. They meet emergency stop standards EN ISO 13850 and IEC 60947-5-5.

For ease of installation of the cable assembly, Schmersal also designed a unique tensioning device, the S900.

For more information on these products, consult our online product catalog (links below) or contact:

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