Schmersal offers a comprehensive program of safety switchgear and safety systems both for the construction of new elevators and the retrofitting and modernization of existing elevators.

The original product portfolio of electromechanical and non-contact switching and positioning appliances is continuously complemented and extended. In this way, Schmersal provides elevator manufacturers and service companies a single source for an extensive range of electrical and safety equipment components.

The Schmersal safety components defined in the elevator directive comply to the latest approvals. All devices comply to the relevant guidelines and directives.


Elevator Control Boxes

Schmersal offers Inspection Boxes, Pit Boxes, E-Stop Boxes, and Pendant Tools that allow the operation of the elevator from within the shaft during inspections and maintenance. There are a variety of standard boxes, but they can also be customed designed for specific applications. more

Magnetic Reed Switches

Magnetic switches are used for generating area and levelling signals or deceleration points. Because of their low sensitivity to ambient conditions and their non-contact operating principle, they are suitable for universal applications. more

Ultrasonic Position System USP

The USP uses a non-contact and therefore wear-free operating principle to determine the position of elevator cars. It generates the absolute position value which is passed via common interfaces directly into the control unit. more

Floor Adjustment and Unified Switches

Floor and fine adjustment switches are used to achieve an accurate positioning of the car in the elevator shaft. All switches in this series have extraordinary robust metal enclosures and levers, which are suitable for any form of operational demand, even under rough conditions. more

Position Switches

Schmersal offers a comprehensive program of position switches, which have proven their value to the elevator industry all over the world. These switches are used where safety or positioning accuracy are of paramount importance. more

Elevator Door Locks

Elevator door locks are used for locking the car or elevator shaft doors. They allow for both a simultaneous monitoring of the locked condition and an emergency release. Versions are available with metal or thermoplastic enclosures for single-leaf or double-leaf elevator shaft doors. more

Positve Break Door Contacts

Door contacts with positive break are suitable for monitoring door positions and door locks. Schmersal offers twelve different series in this program, so that a suitable door contact with positive break is available for all types of elevators and elevator doors. more


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