At Schmersal our main product focus is on switches and control modules for safety applications.

Safety control systems require the use of specially designed switches that are resistant to tampering and difficult to override. Mechanically they need to provide positive break contacts and positively linked actuation. Safety circuits need switches with multiple redundant contacts.

In the "Safe Switching and Monitoring" section of the online product catalog you will find an extraordinary large program of safety-related switches for the position monitoring of guard doors and the non-contact protection of hazardous zones and danger points, as well as safety switching appliances for special applications. more

Product Groups:

Keyed Interlock Switches

Solenoid Latching Interlocks

Door Handle Actuators

Hinged Safety Switches

Safety Rated Limit Switches

Non-Contact Safety Sensors

Cable Pull Switches

Emergency Stop Buttons

Safety Light Barriers

Safety Light Curtains and Grids

Two-Hand Controls

Enabling Devices

Safety Mats and Edges

Safety Foot Switches

AS-I Compatable Switches

Key Transfer System

Many designers equip their systems with safety controllers because the potential for electrical/mechanical failure is always present - regardless of the reliability of the components in use. Safety controllers detect faults that can compromise safety system operation, thus insuring system reliability.

In the "Safe Signal Processing" section of our online product catalog you will find safety relay modules for various safety applications (e.g. for emergency stop and guard door monitoring) as well as centralized programmable safety controllers and decentralized field bus systems, including a modular concept for safety function control on small machines. more

Product Groups:

SRB & AES Safety Control Modules

Output Expanders

Mutifunction Safety Controllers

Fail-Safe Standstill Monitors

Fail-Safe Delay Timers

Input Expanders

Safety Control Modules for
Specific Applications

Modular Safety Controllers