We offer a selection of technical articles dealing with machine safety. The contributions are from Schmersal employees, both in the US and throughout the world. Many of the articles and whitepapers have appeared in various publications.

The Future of the Industrial Robot

Robots which work “hand in hand” with humans have now found their place safely on to the factory floor. This article discusses the growing acceptance of these collaborative robots, their safety requirements, and how it might affect the use of traditional industrial robots. more

Fault Masking

The article discusses a potential problem with the practice of wiring safety devices in series: "Daisy chaining" may mask faults in the system due to accumulation of faults that may compromise safety. It defines the problem and provides several solutions for overcoming it. more

Machine Guarding and Lock Out / Tag Out

This paper provides some insight as to the differences between the two methods of safely controlling hazardous energy. It provides the guidelines for when and why to use LO/TO on some tasks and machine guarding on other tasks. more

Locking Devices for Machine Safeguarding

This paper looks at the principles behind Guard Locking and Process Locking of safety interlocks. It provides several examples when to use each method, and describes the locking principles and lock release types defined by the ISO 14119 standard for guard interlock design and selection. more

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