Here we have collected several publications on the various aspects of the safety of machines and plants, as well as standards and regulations on machine safety.

We recommend you to read the following referring to this subject:

ISO 14119 Interlock Design Standard

This brochure's objective is to aid designers of machinery and plants with standard-compliant design of moveable guards, taking into consideration ISO 14119 and other relevant regulations. more

Machine Safety In Europe

An examination of the European perspective on Machine Safety, this collection of essays was written by experts in the field. It highlights various machine safety standards including the interlock design standard ISO 14119. We are offering a limited number of complimentary copies, get yours today. 380 pages, Hardcover. more

Best of MRL-News Book

The most important reforms regarding the functional safety of machinery now summarized in a 200 page hardcover book. Get your FREE copy. more

Specific Background Information on ISO 13849-1

The European standard EN ISO 13849-1 represents a major change in the philosophy of designing and implementing safety-related parts of machine control systems. It is a movement from the sole reliance on the proven-in-use deterministic approach of standards such as EN 954-1, to include probabilistic considerations. more

OSHA: All About OSHA

OSHA publication no. 3302: All Aboout OSHA more

OSHA: Employer Rights and Responsibilites

OSHA Publication No. 3000: Employer Rights and Responsibilies Following an OSHA Inspection more

OSHA: Safegarding Equipment and Protecting Employees from Amputations

OSHA Publication No. 3170: Safegarding Equipment and Protecting Employees from Amputations more

OSHA: Small Business Handbook

OSHA Publication No. 2209: Small Business Handbook more

Guidelines for Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (Canada)

A guide to pre-start reviews in accordance to Section 7 of the Regulation for Industrial Establishments in Canada. more

Safe Machinery in Europe Part 1

European and National Legal Bases Concise information for manufacturers and users - on the basis of the new EC Machinery Directive (2006/42/EG) 1st edition, March 2010 more