Machine Safety In Europe
An examination of the European perspective on Machine Safety, this collection of essays was written by experts in the field. It highlights various machine safety standards including the interlock design standard ISO 14119.
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This book is designed to increase awareness of the safe operation of machinery, and communicate the basic principles of machine safety at an international level. With ever increasing international distribution of products, machinery manufacturers must familiarize themselves beyond their domestic standards. Here we present a European perspective based on the Machinery Directive (MD 2006/42/EC) and other standards in effect throughout Europe.

The book is a collection of 30 richly illustrated essays covering a wide variety of topics including:
- Basics of Machine Safety
- General Information on functional safety
- Requirements of components
- Requirements for specific industries
- Regulations beyond the EU, including China, Japan, Russia, and the US.
- Other topics, like explosion protection, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

The book will be of interest to both the designers of international plant and machinery and the safety engineers operating the systems. The authors of the articles are all experts in their respective fields, and explain the topics in an understandable and comprehensive manner, independently of any manufacturer.

Available in print only: Hardcover. 380 Pages.
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