OSHA: Small Business Handbook
OSHA Publication No. 2209: Small Business Handbook

American employers and workers want safe and healthful places in which to work. They want everyone on the job to go home whole and healthy each day. Determined to make that dream possible, OSHA is committed to assuring so far as possible that every working man and woman in the nation has safe and healthful working conditions.

This 52 page handbook provides information to assist small business employers meet the legal requirements imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (the Act), and achieve an in-compliance status before an OSHA inspection.

The Four-Point Workplace Program section reviews the four basic elements of safety and health programs:
1. Management Commitment and Employee Involvement
2. Worksite Analysis
3. Hazard Prevention and Control
4. Training for Employees, Supervisors and Managers

The handbook also has sections on Starting a Safety and Health Management System, which helps create a basic plan of action for starting a safety and health management system. You will find many pages of checklist questions in the Self Inspection section. The final section provides other resourses for Assistance in Safety and Health for Small Businesses.


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