Explosion Protection Catalog
Schmersal offers a comprehensive range of Intrinsically Safe devices for application in Zone 2 and 22 explosive environments.

Intrinsic safety (Ex "i") is a type of explosion protection based on the principle of limitation of current, voltage and storable energy within an electric circuit. These devices limit electrical energy in order to keep electrical sparks below the ignition limit, and avoid the excessive heating of the electrical apparatus and its surfaces. In this way, Intrisically Safe devices do not produce sparks or enough heat to become a source of ignition of an explosive mixture.

Schmersal has adapted a wide range of our safety switches to be Intrinsically Safe. The product lines include:
Safety Controllers
Keyed interlock Safety switches
Solenoid interlock switches
Position/Limit switches
Belt alignment switches
Emergency Cable Pull switches
Emergency-Stop switches
Safety sensors
Non-Contact Sensors
Control devices and indicator lights
Trapped key system

For more information on this product line, please review our Explosion Protection Products Catalog, or our Online Product Catalog section on Devices for EX Zones.


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