Machine Guarding Safety Product Catalog
The 12th edition of our GK-1 Machine Safety Products Catalog.

For 70 years Schmersal has developed a reputation for the design and manufacture of reliable quality products. Today with over 25,000 products in the Schmersal product portfolio, innovation remains paramount as Schmersal continuously designs and develops products to meet the demands of the never ending evolution of industry. From precision electromechanical position switches to patented leading edge Pulse Echo technology, Schmersal continues to lead the way in machine safety product solutions and systems.

Here we present the various switches, sensors and controls that have been designed to overcome one or more of the limitations of conventional “non-safety” components, and satisfy one or more of the current safety requirements inherent in the latest industry standards and guidelines. Since 1945 it has been our mission to develop tamper-resistant, positive break, and fail-to-safe solutions using advanced safety switch technology.

This 244 page catalog/handbook is a compilation of information that addresses the latest and most stringent industry safety standards and regulations, matched with a broad selection of dependable solutions. The catalog contains background information and technical data sheets for every model in our various Safety Product lines.

The catalog also contains an appendix which includes a Glossary of Machine Safeguarding Terminology, Listings of European, US, and Canadian Safety Standards, Ingress Protection ratings (IP), and Safety Distance calculations.


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