Pulse Echo & RFID Products Catalog
Product Information, 7th edition.
Schmersal offers a range of non-contact safety sensors that use RFID and our innovative pulse echo technology.

Schmersal has developed and patented a proprietary technology known as Pulse-Echo. Sensors with this technology will evaluate the predetermined frequency of the actuator which is emitted after it has been triggered by an electromagnetic pulse. This operating principle allows for a non-contact actuation and because of the dual monitoring microprocessor, only one switch is required to meet PLe per ISO 13849-1 and SIL3 per IEC 62061.

In addition to the LED visualization located on the switch to indicate operating statuses and errors, each switch has a diagnostic cable with the option of communicating its status via serial data packages. Styles of the Pulse-Echo family include solenoid locking, magnetic locking and the IP69K rating just to name a few; all of which can be wired with up to 31 devices in series without degradation to the safety levels.

This 156 page catalog focuses on our line of RFID & Pulse Echo based non-contact safety sensors. It contains an overview of their design and operating principles, safety features, and self diagnostics.

The catalog has detailed technical data sheets on the following products:
RSS36 RFID safety sensor
CSS16 safety sensor in our familiar AZ16 housing
CSS180 safety sensor cylindical housing.
CSS30S stainless steel, IP69K rated safety sensor.
CSS34 safety sensor in a rectagular housing.
MZM100 electromagnetic latching interlock.
MZM120 IP69K rated electromagnetic latching interlock.
AZM200 solenoid latching interlock with door handle actuator.
AZ200 safety interlock with door handle actuator.

Also included is a selection guide for appropriate Safety Controllers.


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