Pulse Echo & RFID Products Catalog
Product Information, 8th edition.
Schmersal offers a range of non-contact safety sensors that use RFID and our innovative pulse echo technology.

Pulse Echo is a Schmersal-patented non-contact microprocessor-based technology. As the actuator approaches the sensor, the sensor excites the actuator at a predetermined resonant frequency and the reads back the actuator oscillation. The sensor evaluates the actuator frequency and its distance to the actuator. Identification of the actuator is interpreted as a closed guard by the safety sensor, and the safety outputs are enabled. Pulse Echo is used in our CSS sensors, AZ200 keyed interlock, AZM200 solenoid lock, and MZM100 electromagnetic lock.

Our RSS sensors, AZM300, and AZM400 use enhanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. This RFID system operates on a unique frequency, so sensors will disregard non-actuator RFID signals and the passive RFID tag in the actuator will not interfere with other RFID systems such as product trackers. The RFID system is also difficult to by-pass because actuators are individually coded: The basic version of the sensor responds to any RST target actuator; The I1 version only accepts the coded ID number of the specific target actuator which is taught in during the first start-up; The I2 version allows the teach-in process to be repeated, allowing replacement of a lost or damaged actuator.

The non-contact operating principle of these two systems limits wear since components do not move against each other. The sensors are also tolerant of gaps and misalignments between sensor and actuator. Since the sensors and actuators are matched pairs, the technology is highly tamper resistant to ISO14119.

This 148 page catalog focuses on our line of RFID & Pulse Echo based non-contact safety sensors. It contains an overview of their design and operating principles, safety features, and self diagnostics.

The catalog has detailed technical data sheets on the following products:
RSS16 safety sensor in our familiar AZ16 housing
RSS260 Compact safety sensor
RSS36 RFID safety sensor
CSS180 safety sensor cylindical housing.
CSS30S stainless steel, IP69K rated safety sensor.
CSS34 safety sensor in a rectagular housing.
MZM100 electromagnetic latching interlock.
AZZM300 solenoid interlock
AZM200 solenoid latching interlock with door handle actuator.
AZ200 safety interlock with door handle actuator.
SD Gateways and installation accessories

Also included is a selection guide for appropriate Safety Controllers.


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