IP69K Rated Control Devices and Joysticks - Product Catalog
This catalog highlights our IP69K Rated control devices and joysticks suitable for hygienic applications (food processing, pharmaceutical, medical) and marine or outdoor applications.

The IP69K rated control devices include pushbuttons, mushroom buttons, emergency stops, selector switches, step switches, main disconnect switches, and indicator lights. These devices have a standard 22.3 mm installation diameter and utilize a modular contact terminal block system.

This catalog also includes product information on IP69K rated, industrial grade joysticks. These joysticks feature extra-thick silicone sealing bellows, actuation in 2, 3, or 4 directions, and standard installation diameters of 22.3 mm or 30.5 mm.

These IP69K rated controls and joysticks are suitable for hygienic applications in the food processing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and medical industries. They can also endure outdoor applications - controlling marine, trash hauling, and construction machines.

92 pages.


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