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Schmersal Application Finder app for iPad

There's an app for that! Schmersal's animated application finder is now available as an app for the iPad.

The Application Finder displays an interactive animated packaging plant floor. Users can click on one of the work areas which will open a window with a selection of Schmersal safety switching devices that are optimal for the particular application.

Each selection ultimately links to the Schmersal online product catalog website, where users can see technical data on the selected components.

There are many product-specific animations available throughout, explaining the operation of the switch or providing recommendations for the integration of safety technology into the processes of the machine.

The app is exclusively available for the iPad (requires iOS 4.3 or later) from the iTunes store.

For more information, follow the links below, or contact:
Schmersal USA
15 Skyline Drive
Hawthorne, NY 10532
Phone: 888-496-5143
Fax: 914-347-1567



Download the app from the iTunes store

View the Application Finder on the web

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