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Brochure and poster for the new Machine Safety Standard ISO 14119

With the ISO 14119 „Safety of machinery - Interlocking devices associated with guards - Principles for design and selection“ the rules have changed for the selection of safety switches and solenoid interlocks.

The new standard describes how the designer should design the position monitoring of movable guards (i.e. safety gates). It replaces the currently valid EN 1088 and is valid worldwide as an ISO standard, this means it is valid outside the European Union. Since the transition period for the implementation of the new standard ends on 30.4.2015, it makes sense to consider it now for the design of new machinery and equipment.

The Schmersal Group has summarized the main changes that arise due to the new standard in a 24-page brochure. A poster is given with the brochure as a further aid which clearly illustrates the standard-compliant sequence when configuring protection devices and the selection of safety switchgear.

The freshly printed, free brochure can be requested via the following link.

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