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Fingers crossed! A trainee from Schmersal takes part in a science competition

The whole of Schmersal is getting excited as Tobias Gerbracht makes his appearance at “Jugend forscht” [young research] between 26 and 29 May 2016. This is the biggest young science and technology competition in Europe. The student from Carl Fuhlrott Gymnasium in Wuppertal won first price at regional level for his “Augmented Reality Projector”. The 18-year-old was given practical support in building this projector by the Schmersal CE department, Construction & Development, where he completed an internship in mechatronic and CAD construction three years ago. 

“Augmented reality is a fascinating new lighting technology, where we can add virtual objects to our reality that are perceived as holograms within our actual environment,” explains Tobias Gerbracht. “In the forthcoming revolution to the working world known as Industry 4.0, Augmented Reality will play an important role with respect to innovative creativity, resource efficiency and process optimisation.”
The aim of his project was to develop a daylight-optimised AR projector, plus create his own hologram animations to add to the presentation of real objects the virtual objects as a form of “Visual Marketing”. This means the very real new AZM400 solenoid interlock from Schmersal can now also be presented in hologram form - for example, at trade shows.

We are keeping our fingers firmly crossed for Tobias and hope he is successful at the final in Paderborn with his new technology, for which he has applied for a patent.



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Tobias Gerbracht and the AZM400 in hologram form.