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Girls’ Day at Schmersal

The 28th of April is Girls’ Day across the country - and Schmersal is taking part! On Girls’ Day, companies, business and universities across Germany open up their doors for schoolgirls from year 5 and up. It is an opportunity for the girls to get to know careers and courses in IT, crafts, science and technology in which women are thus far under-represented.
At Schmersal, Girls’ Day begins with a guided tour. The eight participants then produced a ludo game. Part of it was made in cooperation with trainees in our training workshop, with other parts made in our tool construction department using a computer-controlled machine. The Schmersal trainees presented a range of careers: tool mechanic, electronics engineer, process engineer, dual-study technical courses.
According to the MINT 2015 spring report from IW Cologne (MINT professions = Mathematics, Information Science, Natural  Sciences and Technology), by 2020 there will be a shortfall of 670,000 MINT specialists to cover personnel requirements in companies. According to IW Cologne, at least 78,000 vacancies in specialist science and technology jobs could not be filled in September 2015 alone. The aim of Girls’ Day is to attract more women to technical careers.  

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