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Hygiene certification for the N product portfolio

The suitability for hygiene-critical applications of the command and signalling devices of the N product range has been tested by the Testing and Certification Body for Foodstuffs and Packaging of the DGUV (German Social Accident In-surance) - and they have passed the test. The test revealed that the command de-vices can be used with meat. processing machines without presenting a hygiene risk of any kind.

The N product portfolio has been developed especially for the food industry. It features a large range of command devices which includes pushbuttons, emergen-cy stop buttons, main switches and selector switches as well as signalling devices that meet the basic principles of "Hygienic Design". This means that the command devices do not have sharp angles or edges so that the chance of soiling is exclud-ed.

In addition to that, all command devices of the N product portfolio meet the re-quirements of the IP 69 K protection class. This means that even when cleaned on a regular basis using high-pressure cleaners or steam blasters, they have an out-standing long service life. This is now documented "black on white" in the DGUV test certificate.

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