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Hygienic Design Day 2018 at Schmersal

More than 100 experts from the mechanical and systems engineering industry, and from universities, institutes and associations met at Schmersal for the Hygienic Design Day 2018, which was held for the first time at the tec.nicum academy. The event, which featured numerous presentations on “Hygienic design and functional machine safety” was organised jointly by the Schmersal Group, agt-Verlag and the Packaging Excellence Center (PEC Waiblingen).

The hygienic design of machines and components is an absolute must when it comes to food and drink production. How this challenge can best be overcome will be discussed by practicians from the mechanical engineering sector, scientists from the Fraunhofer-Institut and experts from trade associations.
Tobias Keller, safety consultant at tec.nicum, the safety service division of Schmersal, kicked off the technical presentations by talking about “Machine safety meets hygienic design”. The topic was presented again in the accompanying exhibition on “Experiencing hygienic design”: Almost 20 companies and organisations presented their products and solutions. In addition, there were numerous opportunities for networking on the evening before the event at the get-together in Wuppertaler Brauhaus and on the following day –  at the end of the event the participants were given the chance to relax in the historic ‘Kaiserwagen’ of the Wuppertal suspension railway.

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