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In-house show at Schmersal

Exhibition, guided tours and presentations on “Machine safety 4.0”

“You can safely say: The future has begun!” - This was the motto in the invitation to Schmersal customers and business partners to an in-house show in the lovely tec.nicum academy in Wuppertal. Guest speaker Dr Dominik Rohrmus; Labs Network Industry 4.0, Head of Research Group, Siemens AG, talked on the topic of the hour: Digitalisation and Industry 4.0. The lively discussion over the buffet lunch focused on what contribution Schmersal’s safety solutions could make to the new, future-oriented ideas. Siegfried Wolf and Tobias Keller, tec.nicum, covered selected questions on machine safety in their talks. The agenda for the event also included guided tours of the Schmersal production site.


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