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Information on CCC Marking of Low-Voltage Switchgear

The CCC (China Compulsory Certification) marking is a Chinese certification required for certain products. Products listed in the "Catalogue of CCC Certification" are subject to certification and must be provided with the CCC marking in order for these products to be placed on the market in China.

This certification is required on the following, e.g. inductive, capacitive and optical proximity switches, position switches, limit switches, interlocking safety devices, command and signalling devices, with a voltage range greater than 36V. Articles with a voltage range less than or equal to 36V are explicitly excluded and not subject to certification and therefore do not require CCC marking. In particular, for spare parts shipments to China, we recommend that these parts are clearly declared and the operating voltage range is specified on the delivery papers included with the shipment, as the Chinese authorities and customs authorities cannot always assign a product without absolute certainty.

Catalogue of CCC Certification

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