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Mobile learning systems for BG educational institutions

The "Mobile Learning System", in short: MLS, is a functional model that shows "live" the mode of action of different types of safeguarding of hazardous areas in companies. Machine operators and safety officers can use this machine to be-come familiar with the operation of separating and non-separating protection equipment (with safety switches and sensors, solenoid interlocks, key transfer systems, safety mats and optoelectronic safety devices).
Schmersal and the exhibition fitters Team6/THIEMANN developed the MLS to-gether and the project is very much a success story. There are already 20 such MLS systems being used - 16 in BG training centres (Employer's Liability Insur-ance Association, Germany), three with the SUVA (Swiss Accident Insurance Fund) in Switzerland and one with a large company in southern Germany. The latest MLS was just recently handed over to a BG in Germany.
About 25,000 participants visit the BG training facilities annually. The BG uses the systems in their training courses because all safety switching systems are fully functional and are being controlled by a Schmersal safety controller. This allows the instructors to practically demonstrate the operation and the different function-ality of the protection equipment.

Context Column

One of the 20 „Mobile Learning Systems“, this one was handed over by Schmersal to a BG training centre in southern Germany: Dr. Dietmar Bratge (left), head of the training centre and Frank Schmidt, head of engineer standards and trade associations at Schmersal.