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New SISTEMA version and cookbook available

Help evaluating the safety of machine controllers

The SISTEMA software assistant (the name is derived from the German for 'safety of controllers on machines) offers assistance in evaluating the safety of controllers in line with DIN EN ISO 13849-1. In order to simplify the handling of the SISTEMA software, there is an open range of SISTEMA cookbooks available which are gradually being added to.
Now, the Institute for Industrial Safety at the German statutory accident prevention body (IFA) has brought out the new SISTEMA Version 1.1.8 Build 2 with updated cookbook 6.
The new version now contains a Spanish program interface, among other things. The SISTEMA cookbook sets out the major points to be taken into consideration when defining safety functions in practice and illustrates these using an ongoing example. Guide questions have been put together to help with the detailing of safety functions. If there is a machine-specific product standard with defined safety functions, this cookbook can be used as an extension. This means it facilitates communication at the interface between definition and implementation of safety functions.
A SISTEMA library can also be found in the online product catalogue at the following link: . If you would like individual advice on this topic, please consult the experts at Schmersal's Safety Services department. Schmersal's certified Functional Safety Engineers carry out risk analyses and can configure standard-compliant safety equipment for you, contact: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Hahmann,
Photo: Michael Hüter

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Photo: Michael Hüter