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Schmersal supports young talents

Knowledge transfer: Cooperation with universities

As the Schmersal Group celebrates its 70th anniversary, its Jubilee year of 2015, it plans to intensify its support of young academics in the field of safety technology.
Experienced staff from Schmersal are involved as instructors at the Bergischen University Wuppertal: For the winter semester 2014/2015 Uwe Wiemer received a lectureship in Department D / Section Safety Technology and held several lectures. At Schmersal Uwe Wiemer has held a leading position in the field of Knowledge Management and is now head of the Schmersal subsidiary Böhnke & Partner. Also Siegfried Wolf, head of in-house training centre Schmersal tec.nicum, was guest lecturer at the University of Wuppertal in January of this year and gave a lecture in the series of lectures on "Methodology and Methods of Safety Engineering" his specific topic was "Indirect Safety Technology with Practical Examples with the Company Schmersal".
In August 2015, the new apprentices begin their professional training at Schmersal, including a male and a female student. They go through a company training to become tool mechanics as part of their dual degree studies in mechanical engineering which they complete at the Bergische University Wuppertal starting with the autumn semester.
For the first time Schmersal is involved in the autumn of this year with "BeST: Bergisches Schultechnikum (technical school)", that offers project courses for pupils to be trainees from class 8 onwards, this allows the pupils to gain information and to network with future employers. The courses are organised by the zdi BeST centre based at the University of Wuppertal, which is part of the community initiative "Future by Innovation.NRW" (zdi).
For the first time the students of the University Rhein-Waal (Kleve) can "get a taste of working life" with Schmersal: The participants of the course of QUSH (quality, environment, safety and hygiene) are planning an excursion in May 2015 to Wuppertal to the production facilities of Schmersal. On site they will be able to experience how modern safety technology is developed and produced. The main lecture on "Safety Technology" at the University of Rhine-Waal this summer semester is to be done by Graduate Engineer Reiner Köster, who belongs to the Schmersal CE network, a group of engineering companies in Germany. For this series of lectures Schmersal will contribute the technical literature.


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Students of the dual degree studies in mechanical engineering take part in the professional training at Schmersal