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Schmersal trainee receives German bursary

Bursary celebrations at Velbert/Heiligenhaus campus

Since autumn 2014, Lukas Joshua Frowein has been training in electronics / operational engineering at Schmersal. At the same time, he is studying electrical engineering at the Velbert/Heiligenhaus campus of the University of Bochum. He has now won a German bursary which will fund him for two semesters or a year. 50 % of the funds come from the government, with the remainder coming from the Alice und Hans Joachim Thormählen Foundation. Winners of the bursary receive 300 euros per month in sponsorship.
The bursaries are awarded based on good results and the personality of the applicant, and Lukas Joshua Frowein clearly impressed the awards jury with his achievements. The bursaries were awarded to a total of ten students at a ceremony presided over by the vice-chancellor of the Velbert/Heiligenhaus campus of the University of Bochum. There are currently a total of four trainees - two would-be electronics engineers and two mechatronics engineers - completing what is known as a KIA course at the Velbert/Heiligenhaus campus, where the KIA stands for "cooperative engineering training".
"The training takes two years and the parallel studies take nine semesters," explains Holger Stoffel, Training Manager at Schmersal. "In June, two of the KIA students took their technician exams and are now continuing to work as students at Schmersal. Of course, we are hoping their exam results are good!"

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Holger Stoffel, training Manager (l.), and Lukas Joshua Frowein, trainee at Schmersal.