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Ten years of zdi centre BeST - Birthday party at Schmersal

This week saw over 300 schoolchildren flocking to the tec.nicum academy. They had all come to celebrate the 10th birthday of the zdi centre BeST (Bergisches Schul-Technikum) and find out about the training opportunities in the Bergisch region at the accompanying exhibition featuring 20 companies and institutions. As a partner company to the zdi centre BeST, Schmersal hosted the big birthday party. Heinz and Philip Schmersal greeted the numerous prominent guests who attended the event. During the podium talk, Heinz Schmersal and Klaus Kaiser, the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Ministry for Culture and Knowledge, and representatives of the university, the regional management of the Federal Employment Agency and local business, discussed the current challenges in STEM education.
This was followed by a further podium discussion where training manager Holger Stoffel, Tobias Gerbracht, a placement student at Schmersal and national “Youth Research” winner, and two students from the Alexander-Coppel-Gesamtschule in Solingen, explained what support the BeST courses could provided in terms of vocational guidance.
 For ten years, the zdi centre BeSt has been organising courses, workshops and holiday camps relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM for short. As part of the state-wide community offensive “Future through innovation in NRW (zdi)”, BeST has been offering young people in the Bergisch triangle of cities professional and study guidance in the STEM sector since 2008

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