The fuel cell car - “made” by Schmersal

BeST course for students in the training workshop

How do you build the car of the future? That is what students from various Wuppertal schools learned this week in the Schmersal training workshop. In line with a BeST project course, the participants produced a small-format fuel cell car. In the fuel cell, chemical energy is converted into electrical energy through a reaction. The model made by the students can propel itself along based on this principle. Under the supervision of and with practical support from Schmersal Group trainees, the groups produced environmentally-friendly little vehicles over the two days of the course. Tobias Gebracht, former Schmersal trainee and this year’s winner of the national “Youth Research” competition, and his younger brother Daniel were also excited to be there. The Bergische Schul-Technikum (zdi-Zentrum BeST) is part of a major community initiative called “Future through innovation.NRW (zdi)” to promote science and technology among young people in NRW. The BeST allows students from all secondary schools from year 8 upwards to find out about careers and courses in the MINT sector (mathematics, information technology, science, technology) from an early age alongside their normal school lessons.
During the course, the students also had the opportunity to get to know Schmersal as a company and find out about career prospects and opportunities in the electronics industry.

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