Raw material handling and transport


Loading and unloading

For the different positioning and control tasks to be executed during loading and unloading operations, we offer a comprehensive program of mechanical and electromechanical system components with special approvals. Some standardized switch series for instance have a GL and/or IECex approval. In addition to that, the large choice of actuators enables the most various applications on "ship-to-shore" plants. Integration in automation concepts is possible through the AS-i field bus system. Our non-contact magnetic switches of the BN 20 2rz type are installed on the fastest and state-of-the-art "ship to shore" crane installations all over the world.


Conveying plants

Switchgear from Schmersal is used all over the world, wherever bulk goods are shipped by road, rail or ship. Our clientele includes the construction of heavy machinery and plants as well as maintenance companies, such as operators of gravel and cement plants, concrete prefabrication and mixing plants, waste disposal sites and recycling centers and - last but not least - the energy and power industry with mining activities, conveying plants and terminals as well as coal-fired power plants. Whatever is conveyed through these plants, is irrelevant. Mineral raw materials, seeds, animal feedstuffs, ores or coal: Schmersal offers the right switchgear for all kinds of bulk goods and conveyor plants.


Heavy vehicles

To ensure safe switching on mobile work equipment and machinery, we offer a variety of different switchgear. They are used in farming and construction machinery such as municipal vehicles and materials handling equipment as well as in the heaviest mining equipment such as dredges and dumpers. We offer a large range of components and system solutions for various requirements, ranging from - to name just a few - the level monitoring of bulk goods to safety guards installed on arbitrary components of mobile machinery.


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