Raw materials processing

For the integration in automated plants, variants with gold contacts or special gold-nickel contact tips with the lowest contact resistance are available. The large range of series-produced switchgear and actuators enables the use of series standards without mechanical adaptations.


Metal production

Our heavy-duty switchgear is made of grey cast iron and therefore is optimally protected against abrasive dust and scale. With the optional ceramic inserts, they can be used in temperature ranges from –40 °C … +200 °C (-4°F to 392°F).


Metal refining

In addition to the already mentioned ambient conditions such as high temperatures and abrasive dusts, the switchgear is exposed to additional elements during these process steps, such as shocks, vibrations, water vapor and contact with aggressive or corrosive agents. For these special requirements, our program includes reliable solutions.


Offshore, oil and gas

For the use of heavy-duty switchgear in the offshore, oil and gas industry, the requirements placed on the ambient conditions mentioned before in the chapter "Metal processing" are even more stringent. In this situation, the switchgear also must meet criterions such as resistance to harsh weather conditions, resistance to increased UV radiation, resistance to sea or salt water and sometimes also explosion protection when used in Gas Ex Zones 1 and 2 and/or Dust Ex Zones 21 and 22.


Context Column


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