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Safety Training in Buffalo, NY

Today Michael DeRosier is in Buffalo, NY presenting our General Machine Safety Training course.

Anyone responsible for the design, operation, or maintenance of machines needs an understanding of safety systems. Our General Machine Safety Training course covers legal requirements, risk assessment, types of hazards, the several levels of circuit design, and available types of safety equipment and how they all come together for a complete safety solution. Schmersal offers a series of safety training courses designed to educate people on machine guarding practices and principles consistent with current national and international machine safety standards. Courses are offered in our North American headquarters in Hawthorne, NY and at various locations around the country throughout the year. This session was held in Buffalo, NY and was sponsored by CS Automation, a Schmersal Distributor. A typical course day runs from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, with breaks and lunch. Review the various Safety Training courses available Check the Schedule page for other currently scheduled course sessions For more information on Safety Training Courses please contact: Michael DeRosier
Engineering Services Manager

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Mike DeRosier presenting the General Machine Safety Training course in Buffalo, NY. March 20, 2018