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Schmersal builds insect hotels

Schmersal has set up insect hotels at various points on his factory premises in Wuppertal. In time for the start of the cold season, the wooden huts offer wild bees, ladybirds, butterflies and many other insects a nesting and overwintering aid. As an additional source of food for the insects, flower beds with native plants have also been planted on the factory premises.

In times of ever-dwindling natural habitats, these "hotels" offer a protected shelter to various insect species.
"Bees, wild bees and insects are immensely important for the pollination of flowers and crops. That's why insect hotels are a contribution to nature conservation that should not be underestimated", says Constanze Compes, Marketing Director of the Schmersal Group. "Taking responsibility for the earth is a key corporate value of the Schmersal Group, which is actively practiced here."

In the spring of this year Schmersal has settled a bee colony on the roof of the head office, which is supervised by an employee who is a hobby beekeeper.

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