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Webinar recording: Lock Out Tag Out vs Machine Guarding

The recording of the webinar from May 17 is now available to view on demand

One of the challenges that continues to be controversial and has sparked numerous debates within organizations is proper application of LOTO. Varying interpretations and understanding of the standards places companies in a difficult and many times a costly position.

Our goal of this webinar is not intended to teach LOTO or how to write and implement LOTO procedures, but rather look at when to use LOTO versus when to use Machine Guarding for each task. Allow Schmersal to provide some insight as to the differences between the two methods and why to use LOTO on some tasks and machine guarding on other tasks. One does not replace the other, they work in conjunction to maintain effective machine safeguarding.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Know that LOTO and machine guarding work in conjunction with one another and is not a replacement for each other.

  • Develop a task based analysis to determine tasks fall under LOTO or Machine Guarding.

  • Determine and justify the definition of normal, routine, repetitive tasks or minor servicing

Duration: 1 hour

Hosted by: New Equipment Digest

View the webinar (YouTube) 

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