Safety Laser Scanner

Our partnership with Hokuyo offers you a compact safety laser scanner

Safety Laser Scanners are presence sensing devices, also known as active opto-electronic protective devices responsive to diffuse reflection (AOPDDR). They are used to safely monitor stationary or mobile applications and are commonly used in robotic work cells or on autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and automated guided vehicles and carts (AGV, AGC). Safety Laser Scanners are one of the most effective presence sensing technologies as they can cover a wider area than compared to other solutions. The safety monitoring area generally comprises a wide warning zone and a narrower protection zone.

The UAM-05LP is a compact and light-weight safety scanner which can be mounted in confined spaces.  It uses a 2D LiDAR system to monitor a 5 meter protection zone, with up to 20 meter warning area, and has a 270° field-of-view. It is equipped with an Ethernet interface, so distance data and intensity output values can be captured and sent to control systems. Special brackets are available for base or rear mounting, and a cover bracket prevents damage from materials falling on the scanner head.

The UAM-05LP conforms to standards: IEC61469-1/3 Type 3; IEC61508 SIL2; ISO13849-1 PLd Category 3; UL508; UL1998; UL61496-1 Type 3; CSA C22.2 No. 14.

As one of the smallest scanners on the market, the UAM safety laser scanner provides a reliable solution for maximizing safety and preventing potentially unsafe situations in many industrial sectors. Typical applications:

■  Collision detection
         Automated guided vehicles and carts (AGV, AGC)
         Autonomous mobile robots (AMR)

■  Presence detection
         Robot cells

■  Point of operation
         Printing machines
         Injection molding
         CNC Machines
         Assembly Equipment

Programming software

This scanner is easy to setup via software that allows you to create a monitoring area, drawn for your specific application with real-time measurement data. The complimentary software features a user-friendly interface with simple editing tools to configure complex zones.

Users can create up to maximum of 32 area patterns for safety and 64 patterns for non-safety. The software can also configure Master-Slave functions, and create two independent protection zones in Dual Protection Mode. Programs are uploaded via a Micro SD card slot or common USB connection.  

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