The new electromechanical solenoid interlock AZM150
Manual release, emergency exit or emergency release
Actuators for all mounting situations!

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The AZM150 is an electromechanical solenoid interlock in a slim design.

Solenoid interlocks are designed for machine/work cells where access to a hazardous work area must be controlled until safe conditions exist. The AZM150 solenoid provides a 1500 N locking force to secure the machine guard until dangerous conditions, which may exist immediately after removal of power, have abated. The solenoid lock may be controlled by a time delay, motion detector, position sensor or other suitable component. Additionally, there is a 50 N latching force, keeping the guard door closed, even when not locked.

The solenoid is electromagnetically controlled, with power-to-lock and power-to-unlock versions. Power to unlock versions are available with a manual release, emergency release (N), or emergency exit (T).

The slim housing of the switch was designed to match the aluminum profiles used in many machine guard doors.

The AZM150 offers mounting flexibility - The head of the switch offers two actuator key entries (top and side) and can be rotated in 90-degree steps. The same switch can be used for left or right facing doors. The front cover locks the head in place, so rotation of the head can occur when installing wiring.

There are three standard actuator keys: The B1 standard key is flat, the B5 has a right angle for mounting. The B6 has a flexible mounting block, to accommodate actuator movement for small radius doors. A door handle system is planned. Actuator keys are ordered separately.

This series is also available with individually coded versions to deter the bypassing of locking mechanisms. The AZM150i uses 5 separate cams, to offer over 1000 possible combinations. This is coding level “high” to ISO 14119. The uniquely matching actuator is supplied with the switch, as standard actuators will not work. Schmersal is the only manufacturer which offers electromechanical solenoid interlocks with high coding levels.

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