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Field Customizable Universal BDF200

Schmersal now offers a version of our BDF control station with several operator positions that can be customized in the field.

The BDF series control stations are designed to offer up to 4 operators for various machine or process controls conveniently located at the guard door in one compact, easy to install housing. The BDF series eliminates the need for larger custom control boxes to be designed and manufactured for guard door controls.

The Universal Kit model (-2875) has several positions, designated LT in the part number, which can be converted in the field to either a pushbutton, an illuminated push button, or an indicator light. This conversion is based on the wiring of the contacts and/or LED for each position, and the application of appropriate colored button caps provided. The accessories package includes 7 opaque button caps in various colors, 5 semi-transparent button caps in various colors, and 4 lens inserts.

Three types of base models are available:

  • all four operator positions customizable;
  • either a NH or NHK E-Stop button installed in position 1, with the remaining three operator positions customizable;
  • either a NH or NHK E-Stop buttons installed in position 1, a SWS20 keyed selector switch installed in position 2, and the remaining two operator positions customizable.

These models are offered with 1 NO & 1 NC contacts (-11), 2 NO contacts (-20), or with 1 NO contact and LED indicator lamp (-10…-G24).

Easy customization:

For each LT position, select a lens and button cap in the desired style (opaque or semi-transparent) and color.
Place the lens.
Place the button cap.
Push the button to click the cover into place

The LT positions can be converted into one of three options:

For a pushbutton, use an opaque cap and connect only the contacts for that position.For a illuminated pushbutton, use a semi-transparent cap and connect the contacts and the LED.For a indicator light, use a semi-transparent cap and only connect the LED.

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