Enhanced productivity with high-performance error diagnosis

Schmersal launches new version of the SD Gateway

Wuppertal, 9 August 2023. The Schmersal Group is about to launch a new version of the SD Gateway for its SD bus. Users will be able to take advantage of the improved fault diagnostics offered by the new SDG Fieldbus Gateway. This in turn will help to increase machine and plant productivity by minimising downtime and simplifying commissioning and maintenance. The device is also user friendly and easy to install.

Electronic safety sensors and interlocks with SD interface can transmit comprehensive status and diagnostic data to a higher-level machine control system. Data from the serially connected switchgear is sent via the SD bus to the SDG fieldbus gateway and then passed on via the fieldbus to the machine control unit - enabling the forwarding of error messages such as overtemperature warnings, faulty actuator warnings and invalid actuator combination messages.

The diagnostic information is transmitted separately from safety signals. Warning notifications enable controlled process shutdown and targeted maintenance so as to prevent process interruptions. 

The new variant of the SD Gateway also offers a web server and has a microSD memory card and thus offers the following features:

  • Event logs can be evaluated in real time via the web interface.
  • Complete diagnostic data from all safety switchgear devices are displayed in plain text in the browser window.
  • Devices, such as interlocks and control panels, can be controlled directly via the web interface.
  • The microSD card allows event logs to be exported for evaluation and long-term storage. 
  • The configuration of the series connection is stored on the microSD card to enable seamless device replacement in case of error.

In the near future, Schmersal will further expand the functionalities of the SDG fieldbus gateway so that the data of the connected safety switchgear can be transmitted not only via EtherCAT, but also via the common fieldbus protocols PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus. In addition, networking options will be expanded through connection to IO-Link and OPC UA communication systems. 

An additional and significant benefit of the SD bus system is being retained in the new Gateway: by connecting sensors and interlocks with the SD bus in series (an SD Gateway can communicate with up to 31 safety switchgear devices), this safety solution enables extremely lean wiring and reduces costs without sacrificing Performance Level (series connection for applications up to PL e). Setup and commissioning of an SD installation have been designed to be as convenient and straightforward as possible and all devices receive addresses from the Gateway automatically.


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