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Here you can find additional resources on machine safety topics, authored by Schmersal staff. We have published hardcover books, the mrl news magazine, and several guides to explain international standards.

Additionally, you will find a curated list of relivant OSHA publications and similar publications from various Canadian safety authorities we recommend reading.

mrl news

Our machine safety magazine presents technical articles from our experts in tec.nicum, our engineering services branch. Published twice a year.

Edition 2024/01

- Editorial: tec.nicum grows with the challenges
- The Schmersal Group restructures its service division / Foundation of tec.nicum – Solutions & Services GmbH
- Interview with Bruno Diniz, Head of of tec.nicum – Solutions & Services GmbH
- digitalisation: the new service module no. 5 of tec.nicum
- outsourcing: the new service module no. 6 of tec.nicum
- Energy management as an IIoT solution
- New memorandum of understanding from the UK’s Department for Business and Trade
- Are standards soon to be available free of charge?
- Legal aspects of machine safety
- New directive for product liability
- Functional Safety of Machinery training course and exam for the Functional Safety Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) certificate
- New tec.nicum seminars for managers
- The 2024 seminar programme of the tec.nicum academy

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mrl news archive

Download or read previous editions:

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OSHA Publications

Occupational Safety & Health Administration has published a few brochures of particular interest to Machine Guarding and general safety practices:

OSHA 3170 - Safeguarding Equipment and Protecting Employees from Amputations
60 pages, 2007

OSHA 3885 - Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs
40 pages, 2016

OSHA 3302 - All About OSHA
36 pages, 2020 (Update)

OSHA 2209 - Small Business Handbook
86 pages, (Updated) 2022
Machinery & Machine Guarding: pages 41-45

OSHA 3000 - Employer Rights and Responsibilities Following a Federal OSHA Inspection
28 pages, 2018 (update)

OSHA 2254 - Training Requirements in OSHA Standards 
270 pages, 2015
Subpart O - Machinery & Machine Guarding: Page 65


Canadian Safety Publications

Various Canadian safety agencies have also published machine safety guidelines:

Guideline for Safeguarding Machinery and Equipment
(BC) 107 pages, 2008
Download the PDF

Guidelines for Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews
(ON) 42 pages, 2001
Download the PDF

Guide RG-597: Fixed guards and safety distances
(QC) 71 pages, 2009
Download the PDF

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Machine Safety in Europe

This collection of 30 essays present the most important regulations governing machine safety. Since the scope goes beyond the EU markets to include regulations in China, Japan, Russia and the US, this book will be of interest to both the designers of international plant and machinery and the safety engineers operating the systems. Our expert authors explain the topics in an understandable and comprehensive manner, independently of any manufacturer, with rich illustrations.

ISBN: 978-3-935966-26-9, Hardcover, 400 pages

© March 2014, K. A. Schmersal GmbH, Editor: Frank Schmidt

Design Of Safety Guards Under Observation Of ISO 14119

This brochure's objective is to aid designers of machinery and plants with standard-compliant design of moveable guards, taking into consideration ISO 14119 and other relevant regulations. The guide walks through the process of designing safety guards, from initial risk assessment, safety circuit design, choosing the right safety devices, to validation and documentation.

24 pages, with wall poster. 

Download brochure (pdf)

Request a copy with our contact form.

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Best of MRL News

This book is designed to provide background knowledge and additional information on the subject of machine safety, as well as practical tips and helpful suggestions that can be applied to individual applications. It consists of a series of articles previously published in mrl news and other Schmersal publications and written by our Schmersal colleagues as well as other well-known experts. 

ISBN: 9783926617-43-9, 200 pages, hardcover & PDF

© 2011, K. A. Schmersal GmbH. Editors: Friedrich Adams, Frank Schmidt

Download (PDF)

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ZVEI: Safety of Machinery

Are you a machine manufacturer or system integrator?
Do you update machinery?

This is what you need to consider in the future in terms of functional safety!

Notes on the application of standards EN 62061 an EN ISO 13849-1

Download (pdf)

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A New Approach to Machine Safety

A guide to EN ISO 13849-1:2006 – Safety-related Parts of Control Systems.

In this brochure we extensively highlight the core speech at the Elan lecture event 2005, which dealt with the discontinuation of the EN 954-1 standard and the new regulations in the revised standard EN ISO 13849-1. The new standard represents a paradigm shift in the philosophy of safety-related parts of machine control systems takes place to supplement probabilistic considerations to the previous proven in use deterministic considerations.

52 pages, available as PDF only

Download Brochure (pdf)

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