Heavy industry

Schmersal has over seventy years’ experience in heavy industry, considering that this is where the origins of the company lie, as a manufacturer of high-grade switchgear. Today, our products are used wherever very particular requirements are applicable under difficult and rough operating conditions.

  • Surface mining and mining industry
  • Construction machines and utility vehicles
  • Municipal and industrial vehicles
  • Railways and railway infrastructure
  • Shipyards and shipbuilding
  • Cranes, hoists and conveyors
  • Mixing plant and process technology
  • Recycling
  • Energy generation and processing
  • Refineries and offshore technology

Raw material extraction

Raw materials are needed on all continents of the world. The requirements placed on the ambient conditions to be applied for man and machine in underground or surface mining are accordingly demanding. The applied technology must function perfectly at all times - under all circumstances, such as very low and high temperatures, dust concentrations of up to 30 g per m², weathering, rain, ice or intensive UV radiation. Our position switches, pull-wire emergency stop switches and command devices are especially adapted to these ambient conditions.


Raw material handling and transport

For the different positioning and control tasks to be executed during loading and unloading operations, we offer a comprehensive program of mechanical and electromechanical system components with special approvals. Some standardized switch series for instance have a GL and/or IECex approval. In addition to that, the large choice of actuators enables the most various applications on "ship-to-shore" plants. Integration in automation concepts is possible through the AS-i field bus system. Our non-contact magnetic switches of the BN 20 2rz type are installed on the fastest and state-of-the-art "ship to shore" crane installations all over the world.


Raw materials processing

The metal-processing industry is the original field of application of the switchgear from Schmersal. Shortly after its establishment in 1945, the company developed and manufactured switchgear guaranteeing a safe switching and the highest reliability under extreme production and ambient conditions.

The steel or metal production industries usually include other processes such as pressing, forging, rolling, extracting, alloying or casting and molding in various forms and dimensions.

For the use of heavy-duty switchgear in the offshore, oil and gas industry, the requirements placed on the ambient conditions mentioned before in the chapter "Metal processing" are even more stringent.


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