Elevators and Escalators - Safety first and foremost

Elevators are one of the safest means of transportation of the world.

Our switchgear make a major contribution to this safety. Elevator technology indeed is one of the industries, in which we have acquired specific know-how and for which we offer customized switchgear since the early days of our company’s existence.

Our elevator switchgear lock and monitor the elevator doors. They are used for various applications both in the active and the passive safety circuit of the elevator system either to monitor individual components or as electrically resettable limit switch in the shaft head or in the shaft pit. We also have developed customized switchgear for special applications such as the electrical shutdown of the elevator system upon activation of the speed governor.

A comprehensive program

Schmersal can offer manufacturers of elevators and escalators a large variety of switchgear and switching systems which meet the harmonized requirements of the worldwide applicable directives and standards. Besides tried-and-tested technologies used in thousands of elevators all over the world, we also implement innovative methods offering technical and economic advantages. 

Since 2012, Boehnke + Partner GmbH control systems has been part of the Schmersal Group, which is one of the leading suppliers of lift controllers and has realised complete control and switchgear for lifts. 

Worldwide partner of the elevator manufacturer

We successfully collaborate with the world market leaders as well as many medium-sized manufacturers of elevator technology from all over the globe. Our switchgear are used, wherever high-rise buildings are erected or elevators are modernized. The spectrum ranges from apartment towers and multi-story buildings in Sao Paulo, London, Shanghai or Munich over residential buildings all over the world up to freight elevators in industrial buildings.

Elementary: highest reliability

It is self-evident that these switchgear feature a reliable function for many years. We are happy to say that “Schmersal switches” are also in the elevator technology synonym to quality and longevity. We accept the challenge to set new standards and to provide our customers with products featuring effective advantages to face the cutthroat competition.

Master topical challenges

The elevator technology is currently facing major challenges, as the cost pressure keeps increasing. Nowadays, elevator constructions, which can be quickly assembled and put into operation, are in great demand. These are the specifications that we keep in mind when developing new generations of elevator switchgear, whereby an increasing importance is attached to the customer assembly aspect as well.

Retrofitting: a growth market

Our elevator switchgear are frequently used for the modernization of existing elevator systems. We offer a safety-monitoring module as interface for the USP non-contact absolute encoder to convert the measured absolute values into 24 VDC signals. In this way, modern techniques can be integrated in the existing older technology.

Professional Association

In the US, Schmersal is a member of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), the premier association of elevator businesses serving the interests of independent elevator contractors and suppliers of products and services and promoting safe and reliable elevator, escalator and short-range transportation and promoting excellence in the management of member companies.

Partnerships: 2N Emergency Communication Systems

Schmersal has been a key distributor for 2N products around the globe, & we are incredibly excited to extend this partnership to North America. Starting in September 2022 we will be stocking a range of 2N’s elevator emergency communication systems including:

  • 2N LIFT IP 2.0

Whether you need a phone for a single elevator or need a solution for an entire skyscraper, 2N has the perfect product for the job.
2N Elevator intro
2N Elevator Brochure

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