2N is the global leader in IP door intercoms and has manufactured emergency elevator communication products for more than 20 years.  Based in the Czech Republic, 2N is part of the Axis group led by Axis Communications AB of Sweden.  2N elevator products are trusted by leading OEMs worldwide giving 2N scale and independent elevator firms confidence. Their products offer quality at an attractive price with stringent QA testing and code-compliance.  2N’s telecom heritage and commitment to innovation ensures it will lead elevator communications in the future as well as digital services to better connect and manage devices.

Whatever your need related to elevator phones, 2N has a solution for you…



Industry-leading LTE emergency communication cellular gateway EasyGateIP is ideal as a POTS line alternative and is certified on AT&T, and works also on the T-Mobile network, with Verizon certification well underway and expected in early 2024 allowing for an updated, Verizon inclusive, EasyGateIP launch by April 2024.

       EasyGateIP Gateway

  • Plug & Play design for easy installation.
  • Code-compliant and a very competitively priced
  • Rugged IP43 construction with wide operating temperature (-40°F to +185°F)
  • Proven at scale with massive supply to multinational elevator OEM’s
  • Dual-SIM enabling option of 2nd back-up cellular operator.
  • Option of VoIP with SIP for clearer voice and DTMF needing a data-plan only SIM
  • Remote management including firmware updates via 2N’s Elevator Centre cloud application.

> More information (EasyGateIP | EasyGate Pro)


The Lift1 Auto-dialers are a high-quality yet cost-effective range of analog emergency phone stations for the elevator cabin, machine room and/or hoistway. They can be configured remotely or on-site via a voice menu or thru a text messaging service.

      Lift1 auto-dialer

  • Variety of models available for easy installation
  • Automated test calls
  • Reliable DTMF signaling through to call center
  • Supports CPC and P100 protocols
  • Extended 3-year warranty

> More information (Lift1 | Lift8)


Make every elevator a safe, secure, internet connected space with 2N’s unique IP solution of LiftGate gateway and LiftIP auto-dialer. An industry leading solution that delivers clear emergency calling and reliable DTMF signaling. This can also provide internet connectivity that can be used for elevator monitoring, access control, in cabin video feeds and media displays, along with any other networked devices you choose. You can even use 3rd party equipment for an even wider range of capabilities.

      LiftGate gateway      

  • Connection LTE (4G) with dual-SIM capability
  • Local (LAN) network connectivity option included.
  • IP connectivity over 2-wire in the elevator trailing cables.
  • 4 ethernet (internet) connections to elevator cab, 2 have power backup.
  • Possibility of video-audio emergency call combination
  • 4-hour battery backup
  • Extended 3-year warranty

> More information (LiftGate | LiftIP)

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