SATECH Perimeter Guarding

Schmersal is proud to partner with SATECH to provide guarding solutions in the US and Canada

These guarding systems are of low carbon steel construction. Upright posts and panel frame members are extruded tubes for extra durability. The construction methods utilized make the assembled system impact resistant up to1600J in ISO 14120 dynamic resistance tests – exceeding the standard set by many automotive manufacturers.

Components are finished using hard-wearing epoxy polyester powder paints. Typical constructions consist of yellow (RAL1021) upright posts with black (RAL9005) panels and accessories. Components can be produced in custom colors to meet individual customer requirements.


Fence mesh is constructed by 3 mm diameter steel wire, arc welded at each junction. The frames are 20 x 20 mm extruded steel tubes, welded at each junction.

Fencing mesh is spaced with 17 mm x 97 mm slots. This narrow opening means that the panels can be mounted just 120 mm from the danger zone, per EN ISO 13857.  The design also deters workers from climbing the fence by providing no toe holds, when panels are installed with the cross pieces inside the hazardous area, per EN ISO 14120-5.18.

Fence panels are finished in black (RAL9005) epoxy paint. This color, combined with the predominantly vertical slot opening, reduces interference when trying to view processes on the far side of the fence.

Stocked panels are available in two heights: 6’ 9" (2080mm) or 8’ (2480mm); and in 7 standard widths (mm): 200, 300, 700, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500. Combinations of these standard widths reach the intermediate dimensions, in 100 mm steps. Panels are bolted to each other to fill the required spacing between posts.



Maximum impact resistance

■ Bolt connections, threaded holes in posts 
■ Extruded steel tube posts 
     40 mm or 60 mm profile
     Height (mm): 2240, 2640 
     RAL1021 Yellow (standard)
■ Bolt on (adjustable) baseplate or
    welded baseplate with 3 anchor points
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Easiest assembly

■ Captive fastening clips connect panels to posts
■ Extruded steel tube posts
    40 mm or 60 mm profile
    Height (mm): 2240, 2640
    RAL1021 Yellow (standard)
■ Bolt on (adjustable) baseplate or
   welded baseplate with 3 anchor points
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Fastest assembly

■ Panels slip onto footer assembly, no posts needed
■ Bolt connections on footer, coupling clip for tops.
■ Extruded steel tube, RAL9005 Black (standard)
■ Welded baseplate with 3 anchor points
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These systems are custom designed for each client. We collaborate on the design to meet the specific requirements of each customer. SATECH’s patented 3D AutoCAD program with a built-in library of parts enables the design of complex layouts in a very short time. A layout can be designed directly onto a customer’s drawing – which immediately picks the optimal modular components. This service also provides a 3D drawing and a complete parts list which can be easily understood by assembly personnel.

The custom designed solutions will include all the necessary installation hardware. The system utilizes patented captive fastening systems, in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE; if a panel needs to be temporarily removed, the fastening hardware will remain in place so pieces will not be lost.


The system also offers several types of doors for access to the protected areas. Additional accessories to finish off the system include cable duct supports, reinforced linear joint, rubber profile for cutouts, adjustable angular joint, post braces, and much more.

We also offer a wide range of compatible safety sensors, locks, and door handle assemblies for the complete safety solution.

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■ Installs quickly and easily        

■ Easy field modifications        

■ Rugged, steel construction

■ Design custom guards from modular panels and connection systems

■ Meets regulatory standards:

        EN ISO 13857

        EN ISO 14120-5.18

        EN ISO 14120-5.9