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The highest quality requirements apply to the production of safety switchgear and systems. This is because even a minimal functional fault could have serious results for the operating personnel or the goods being produced. We are conscious of this responsibility. Although we manufacture hundreds of thousands of switchgear every year: We guarantee a safety level corresponding to the demanding application for each individual product.

The basis for the high consciousness of quality at Schmersal, in addition to our business culture, is also the organisational framework which is determined by quality management. Over the whole value-creation chain, a high level of process security is maintained. A CAQ system registers and documents the quality-relevant data.

The following aspects are in our view components of the QM system and the quality philosophy:

Standards and Approvals

Many of our products are prototype-tested, e.g. for BG, TÜV. UL and CSA. In addition, we are represented on the most important standards committees and working circles. This close co-operation with industrial assessors and other institutions ensures that new products are developed with respect to the applicable standards right from the beginning.

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The right material

In spite of a high level of vertical integration, we still need a wide spectrum of components from outside suppliers. Our QM staff work closely together with our suppliers to monitor the fulfillment of our high quality requirements. This includes:

  • Audits of suppliers
  • An EDP-supported incoming goods inspection with complete documentation of the data in our CAQ system
  • First sample inspection of new materials and on change of suppliers
  • Regular evaluation of suppliers
  • Joint quality-optimisation
  • Environment-conscious purchasing department.

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The right equipment

We make sure that our manufacturing technology is in a position to produce high-quality products, measures including:

  • Careful maintenance and inspection of the machines and plant
  • Regular monitoring of inspection, test and measuring instruments, both in-house and by external laboratories
  • Improvement of the manufacturing processes to the latest trends.

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The right manufacturing process

During production, reproducible processes provide reproducible quality. The following are some of the aspects in our case:

  • Starting the actual production only after completion of a successful test phase
  • High vertical integration of manufacture and “In-house” competence
  • Defined procedures and inspection/test plans for fitting/assembly
  • Attention to and checking the maintenance of safety at work and environmental protection regulations
  • “Job rotation” in production
  • 100% testing of safety switches
  • ESD protection measures for applicable products and areas.

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Quality: A process, not a condition

Hundreds of thousands of Schmersal switchgear are in use, often under difficult conditions, in the whole world. This documents the high level of quality we have achieved.
But we are not satisfied with this. Because quality, as we understand it, is a process and not a state or condition. We work every day on improving our quality standards, including the careful evaluation and analysis of the quality data documentation as well as by carrying out regular internal quality audits going beyond the requirements of ISO 9001.