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Packaging Machinery: safe filling, packing, palletizing, ...

A traditional industry on which the Schmersal Group focuses is packing machinery construction. In this industry, machinery and plants are often operated at high pace with short cycle times. They are frequently integrated in the entire production and/or packaging lines as well. This has major consequences for the selection and the design of safety systems:

  • The safety guards must not interrupt the production cycles, nor affect the productivity of the plants.
  • They must run with highest reliability.

Highest availability

Safety switchgear from Schmersal are characterized by a long life-time even under unfavorable conditions and when operated 24/7. Many series, especially those which are preferably used in the packing machinery industry, are designed so that any stop of the machine is avoided when possible.

An example: safety sensors, safety switches and solenoid interlocks equipped with the Schmersal-patented CSS technology detect the slightest misalignment of the guard door and transmit a corresponding message to the control or the master display. The user then can realign the guard door before it become misaligned to such an extent that the safety sensor no longer responds to the actuator, thus preventing the start-up of the machine.

Quick troubleshooting

Packing machinery accomplish highly complex process cycles, in part with highly filigree materials. Some machine types therefore tend to present failures more often than others, where the processes are more stable due to the applied materials and work cycles.

Safety solutions from Schmersal can be configured to enable a fast and safe elimination, for instance of jammed materials. The protection against tampering thereby plays an important role as well.


During the packing of foodstuff and pharmaceutical products, special hygienic requirements must be observed as well. For the different hygienic zones (dry zone, splashing zone, wet zone and aggressive zone), Schmersal offers solutions which meet "Hygienic Design". These solutions also include safety sensors, which are easier to due to smooth surfaces of the sensor and the actuator and, in many cases, can be concealed mounted. Depending on the requirements of the application, the safety switchgear are approved and certified in accordance with the foodstuff technology standards (Ecolab, 3A Sanitary, FDA etc.).

More information

Dust-explosion protection

When filling and packing organic dusts, the regulations regarding the dust-explosion protection must be observed. This applies both to foodstuff in powder form, pharmaceutics and animal feedstuff. Schmersal offers a comprehensive range of switchgear for automation and machinery safety, which is tested and certified in accordance with the ATEX and IECEx Directives.

Experience exchange in professional organizations

In the US, Schmersal has joined a number of trade organizations:

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) is North America’s largest automation trade association representing organizations involved in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision & imaging, motion control & motors and related automation technologies. 
(A merger of the Robotic Industries Association, AIA-Advancing Vision + Imaging, and the Motion Control and Motors Association)

PMMI connects the makers of goods with the packaging and processing suppliers they rely on. Together they help provide people around the world with innovative, safe, convenient and cost-effective products that touch lives every day. They advance the industry through our world-class PACK EXPO trade shows, PMMI Media Group and a wide range of Business Drivers to empower our members.

Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) is a not-for-profit, global trade association that seeks to advance the industry of control system integration. CSIA helps members improve their business skills, provides a forum to share industry expertise, and promotes the benefits of hiring a certified control system integrator.

Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD) has worked to increase the productivity, profitability and market share of member Automation Solution Providers and Manufacturers.  Today, through a wide spectrum of association programs and services, designed by and for members, AHTD is a valuable resource for member companies to achieve their goals.

In Germany, Schmersal is also member of the "Packaging Excellence Center" (PEC). This Center of Competence for the packaging and automation technology joins the leading German manufacturers of packing machinery.

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