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New design for the Online Product Catalog

We have redesigned our Online Product Catalog, available at

Some new features:

Assortment menu
This new drop down menu allows you quickly navigate to products.
Available in the header menu on every page.

Enhanced Search features
Part numbers appear as you type in the search field, with images. Quicker response time than the old catalog.
Sub-search: on part series pages search for special variants within that product series. See an example

Product Group descriptions
Learn more about the typical applications and operation principles of our safety switches.
Available at the bottom of product group pages. See an example

Call to Action buttons
Compare, Add to Watchlist, Go to Category, and more buttons allow you to clearly progress through the catalog.
Available on most pages. (You can still click on images too)

Recently viewed items
Review what you’ve looked at previously and quickly navigate back.
Found at the bottom of specific part pages. See an example.

Change page layouts
Switch from List view to Grid view
Available on product series page. See an example

Compare items
Add new parts one at a time with the “Compare” button. A pop-up window will allow you to continue to browse or go to the comparison page.
Differences between parts are highlighted in blue/bold, and clicking on "close double attributes" will show only those differences.

More prominent filter functions
Quickly filter available parts in the group or series based on attributes. All options are displayed, rather than in drop downs in the old catalog.
Filters are available on Part Group and Part Series pages, in the left column. See an example

Keep a running list of items you are interested in. 
Register for the site to use our Watchlist function, here

Product Request
Request more information on particular part without having to register to use the Watchlist. Fill out the pop-up form.
This Call To Action button is available on every specific product page. See an example

Many Countries, Many Lanuguages
The online catalog is available for various Schmersal branches in other countries, and in different languages. 
The country selection is available in the upper left corner of all pages, and has a new pop-up menu of options. Click on the language code (EN for English) next to the country flag.

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