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Safety Light Curtains with Bluetooth interface

Our SLC440 safety light curtains are now available with an integrated Bluetooth interface for data sharing with smartphones & tablets.

Schmersal is introducing a Bluetooth interface in our Safety Light Curtains, as a standard feature, starting in March 2020 with our multifunctional SLC440 series.

The SLC440 BLE uses the Bluetooth Low Energy system for near-field data transmission, which provides secure data transmission up to 5 meters. The data transmitted from the safety light curtains with Bluetooth interface is accessible by the Schmersal SLC Assist App, available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

This unprecedented access to the operational data of the Safety Light Curtain has many advantages:

  • The app serves as an installation alignment aid as it displays the signal strength of each beam.
  • Real time monitoring of the active operation mode, the status of the OSSD outputs and the status of the protective field provides the information necessary to quickly resolve faults.
  • The app can provide documentation on the light curtain, either emailed or saved to the smartphone or tablet.
  • Additionally, you can see which functions have been enabled and their parameterized settings.

The SLC440 offers many integrated functions including fixed blanking, floating blanking, fixed blanking with movable edge region, double reset, contactor control (EDM), automatic mode, re-start mode, and beam coding. You can see which functions have been enabled and their parameterized settings.

Safety light curtains SLC440 are used for the protection of hazardous areas, and are available with resolutions of 14 or 30 mm and protection field heights between 170 and 1930 mm; Also available as safety light grids (SLG440) with 2, 3, or 4 beams for perimeter guarding. Both series are suited for use in safety circuits up to PLe (EN 13849) or SIL3 (IEC 61508).


For more information, please see our Innovation page.

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