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Schmersal innovation nominated for the GIT Award 2020

The safety light grid SLC440 / COM with Bluetooth BLE from Schmersal has been nominated for the GIT SECURITY AWARD 2020.
The jury, with representatives from BHE, TÜV, VDMA, ZVEI (German industry organisations) and users, has chosen Schmersal's latest innovation - the product now participates as a finalist in the voting and readers' vote for the next GIT Award.

From June 1 to August 23, 2019, readers of GIT Security & Management can vote which of the finalists will be crowned the winner.
The products with the most votes will be the first three winners of their category. Schmersal is nominated in category A, Safe Automation.
Anyone who votes in the election can win a SLR camera.

Should Schmersal win, it would already be the third award for an innovation of the company: in 2014, Schmersal received the GIT Award for the AZM300 safety interlock and in 2018 the smallest safety light barrier of the world with integrated evaluation (SLB-240/440) has received the award.

Who wants to participate in the election should click on this link.

More information about the light grid with Bluetooth can be found at this link.

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