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Virtual SmartFair now available

Take a guided tour of our product offerings with our consultants in a virtual environment

You are warmly welcome to join us in our virtual "SmartFair”. Come see the latest in Schmersal machine safety devices and engineering services.  

Click your mouse to view our various product ranges: Keyed Interlock, Solenoid interlocks, even our engineering services. We are also showcasing our latest innovations such as our AZM40 and AZM150 solenoid interlocks. Performance characteristics will be displayed and animations will help clairfy the operating principles of individual products. With Schmersal, you'll never be alone in the booth space - you can consult with your personal guide at any time during the entire session.

Request your virtual appointment with one of our consultants today:
(If no timeslots are listed, please use the "get in touch" link to email a request for a meeting)

Steve Lange, Functional Safety Engineer

Dennis Bailey, National Sales Manager
Nick Styler, Regional Sales (NY, PA, WV)
Scott Alpers, Regional Sales (AL, GA, MS, TN)
Tyler Bundies, Regional Sales (MN, WI, IA)
Craig Minard, Regional Sales  (AR, LA, OK, TX)

Peter Rigakos, Business Development Manager
Allen Smith, Business Development (NC, SC, VA)
Bryan Burke, Business Development (CA)
Ray Miller, Business Development - Elevators

Devin Murray, tec.nicum Engineering Services Manager
Keith Brettin, tec.nicum Engineer
Michael Polster, tec.nicum Engineer
Tom Stone, tec.nicum Engineer

Dawn Etta, Sr. Application Engineer
Nikki-Anne Zupan, Application Engineer


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