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WEBINAR: Commonly Overlooked and Misapplied Machine Safety Requirements

The recording of our webinar is now available.

Machine safety can be challenging and complex, for both machine builder and user.  Many times, it is difficult to stay up to date on all applicable safety standards and guidelines. With so many safety aspects to consider, it is easy to overlook crucial elements to successfully implement a safety measure.  

Devin Murray provides guidance on some commonly overlooked and misapplied machine safety requirements:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Stop Time Measurements
  • Misapplied Mechanical Switches
  • Implementing Safety Categories 
  • Series Connection for High-Risk Applications 
  • The Misconception of Collaborative Robots 


> Watch the webinar now

Recorded: Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Presenter: Devin Murray
Duration: 1 Hour
Hosted by: Machine Design magazine


Or read the 8 page executive summary of the webinar session: 
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